Get More Out Of Your Equipment

Remapping specialists with over a decade of hands-on experience, we hand-craft software that’s designed to significantly enhance the performance of plant and agricultural equipment, HGVs, mining machinery and other heavy-duty equipment.

<strong>Boost Torque</strong><br>& Power

Boost Torque
& Power

Enhance Productivity

Agricultural Remapping

Shrinking profit margins, rising costs and an increasingly competitive market mean that you’re under pressure to squeeze everything you can out of your equipment.

We offer a dedicated remapping service that’s designed to help you do just that – boosting the power, torque and fuel efficiency of tractors, combine harvesters, telehandlers and other agricultural machinery.

Simply put, our software specialists recalibrate your equipment to maximise productivity – and save you hours of time.

<strong>Improve</strong> Performance
Improve Performance

Plant Tuning & Remapping

By making a series of precise adjustments to the software that controls injection timing, fuel delivery and other variables, we can deliver substantial improvements to the power, torque and tractability of most modern plant equipment.

For operators, that means enhanced performance, shorter job times and a substantial boost to the overall efficiency of your operation.

Every Avon Tuning remap is tested using state-of-the-art mobile dynamometers, and backed up by a lifetime guarantee against software malfunction.

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Choose The Experts

Working out of our 19,000 sq ft. tuning HQ in Tockington, South Gloucester, we draw on the combined expertise of a diverse team to write some of the industry’s finest maps.

We also have an international network of 300+ authorised agents who are trained to install our remaps on heavy duty equipment.

Transport Remapping

Alongside the pioneering software updates we produce for plant and agricultural equipment, we also produce bespoke remaps for most modern HGVs and buses – designed to squeeze more power and performance out of your vehicle.

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For most makes and models of HGV, a well-written remap will deliver 10-20% more horsepower, better low-down tractability, more torque and a substantial  improvement in overall fuel economy.

In our experience, transport remapping is also considerably more cost-effective than alternative remedies – including the installation of aftermarket hardware designed to improve the fuel efficiency of HGVs.

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What We Do

Our in-house software calibrators build bespoke maps for heavy duty equipment with a diesel powerplant and a modern ECU. These maps can be installed on-site by our technicians, or supplied via our extensive network of authorised agents.

Irrespective of whether our maps alter torque curves, tweak air-fuel ratios or fine-tune your equipment’s injection timing, you can depend on them to maximise performance without sacrificing the reliability of your machinery.

For the last word in remapping technology, think Avon Tuning. 

Where To Find Us

Find An Agent

Find an agent

We have an extensive network of 300+ UK and international agents – trained and authorised to install official Avon Tuning remaps from a more convenient location. If the idea of travelling to our HQ in Gloucestershire doesn’t appeal, look up a local agent and book in today.

Become an agent

For direct access to the Avon Tuning team, and our state-of-the-art workshop, book your remap at our 19,000 sq ft. tuning HQ. Located just outside the village of Tockington, about 12 miles north of Bristol, it’s equipped with all modern conveniences.