Essential Kit For Remapping Specialists

Diagnostic tools allow you to carry out a pre-tuning health check on your customer’s vehicle; flagging up pre-existing problems that need to be addressed before you can safely upload a new map. 

They’re also invaluable post-tune – enabling you to troubleshoot any minor issues, or demonstrate that your customer’s vehicle still has a clean bill of health.

Stripe Image - Diagnostic Tools
Box Image 1 - Diagnostic Tools

Jaltest and Texa manufacture the industry’s most accurate and user-friendly diagnostic equipment. Their tools are designed to be intuitive, and they’re also compatible with the overwhelming majority of construction and agricultural equipment, buses, HGVs and mining vehicles.

For individuals or businesses looking to join our network of authorised remapping agents, Jaltest or Texa diagnostic tools are a required purchase, but the cost doesn’t have to be prohibitive. Thanks to a longstanding relationship with both brands, we can negotiate preferential prices for agents in our network.

If you are thinking of becoming an AT authorised agent or already belong to our network and simply want to upgrade your diagnostic equipment, get in touch today. We’ll help you pick out the tools that are right for your business.

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