Industry-Leading Tools For Our Agents

To read or write files to an ECU, diagnose problems or restore a vehicle to its default settings, you need highly-specialised equipment. 

Working with some of the industry’s top brands, we’ve curated a selection of trusted and reliable tools that facilitate boot, bench of OBD remapping. These tools are compatible with all modern ECUs, including the ECUs used in heavy duty construction equipment, forestry equipment, agricultural equipment and HGVs.

Stripe Image - Remapping Tools
Box Image 1 - Remapping Tools

When you our network of authorised remapping agents, we’ll help you source remapping equipment that suits your budget, the environment you’ll be working in and the type of equipment you think you’ll be working with. 

We only ever recommend proven and reliable equipment from established brands like Dimsport and Alientech, Flashtech, Autotuner, DFOX, MagicMotorSport or BFlash. Generally speaking, these brands are positioned at the cutting edge of our industry, and supply flexible tools that can be used to remap any vehicle.

As well as sourcing this equipment, we can train you to use it effectively; showing you how to read and write maps, and access some of the more advanced diagnostic functionality via in-person training days designed to get you up to speed with the latest advances in ECU tuning.