Case Studies, News & Technical Resources

  • To help you familiarise yourself with the benefits of tuning, stay up to date with the latest developments in remapping technology, and learn more about our brand, the HD team at Avon Tuning have curated a selection of helpful resources.

    These resources include customer case studies, news articles and thought leadership featured in industry-leading publications like Farmer’s Weekly, AgriTrader and Farm Machinery Journal.

Case Studies

It’s one thing to read about the benefits of remapping your agricultural and industrial equipment; another thing entirely to see how it changes the working practices of business across the UK. 

To provide a feel for the real-world impact of our work, we’ve curated a selection of customer testimonials and case studies from farmers and quarry owners, transport companies and foresters that have leveraged our ECU remapping services.

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Technical Resources

Remapping heavy duty equipment is an involved process that demands technical aptitude, precision and a wealth of hands-on experience. Still, we eschew the idea that it should be lauded as some dark art – obscured from the view of the people who rely on it.

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Here, we explain the intricacies of the remapping in plain English, so that you know exactly what’s involved in tuning your equipment.

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