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Demand for remapping services is growing at an unprecedented rate. Soaring running costs, labour shortages and shrinking profit margins are driving UK operators to find new ways of increasing the efficiency of their day-to-day operations.

In recent months, the number of people searching the internet for tractor, agri, truck and plant tuning services has risen by approx. 60% – as people start to realise that remapping their equipment is the most cost-effective way of boosting its performance.

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For forward-thinking agricultural engineers, dealers or workshop owners, this growing market represents a unique opportunity. Establish yourself as the local area’s go-to agricultural remapping expert, and you’ll be able to create a steady stream of clean and technical work that will help you protect and grow your business for years to come.

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A growing number of our AT authorised agricultural remapping experts tell us that tuning work has actually replaced their regular, bread-and-butter mechanical work.

We're here to help you establish yourself as a credible agricultural remapping specialist with the tool-set required to reliably transform your clients’ machinery.

As one of the UK's foremost agricultural remapping specialists, we're ideally placed to provide you with the files, training, equipment and support needed to roll out a brand-new remapping service for the growing number of farmers clamouring for agricultural tuning specialists.

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What Are The Benefits Of Joining Our Agent Program

Our agricultural agent network is a tightly-knit community of 100+ UK and international businesses that benefit from access to the industry's best ECU tuning files; hand-written by expert file writers with over a decade of agricultural remapping experience.

Our files are also tested on top-of-the line Dimsport heavy duty dynos to ensure that they always deliver the performance gains your clients need.

We can tune virtually all heavy duty models produced after 2005. We also support combine harvesters, diggers, excavators and other construction equipment.

But there’s more to our agent programme than best-in-class remapping files. We’ve always believed that our partners thrive when they’re well-supported, which is why we always make ourselves available to troubleshoot any unexpected software issues. Or help you diagnose mechanical problems that crop up during technically challenging remapping projects.

When you sign up to become an AT authorised remapping agent, you’ll benefit from unrestricted access to some of the most knowledgeable tuning specialists in the industry, with a dedicated agent-support phone number that you can call whenever you run into a problem.;

You’ll also get access to a thriving Facebook forum that’s designed to help you share tips and tricks with other AT tuning agents – and free training days that are designed to get you up to speed on everything from basic health checks to advanced data logging, soldering techniques or dyno operation.

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<strong>We're Always Looking</strong> For New Ways To Invest In Our Agent Network

We're Always Looking For New Ways To Invest In Our Agent Network

We’re also happy to help you select the best remapping tool for your business and, long-established relationships with industry-leading suppliers, secure the laptop and map transfer tools you’ll need for a reasonable price.

Our tuning equipment is sourced from leading manufacturers like Dimsport and can be used for a variety of purposes; from implementing our map files to solving some of the other day-to-day issues that plague modern agricultural mechanics – like the NOx sensor and pump failures caused by capricious AdBlue systems.

Putting you on the map

Alongside the equipment and training we provide for our agricultural tuning agents, you’ll also benefit from our own marketing efforts.

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A rising tide lifts all ships, and we’re committed to making sure that everyone in our network benefits from increased brand awareness.

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We invest large sums of money in on- and off-line marketing campaigns designed to communicate the benefits of agricultural tuning, show farmers that there is a real opportunity to improve the performance of their mission-critical equipment and raise the profile of the Avon Tuning brand.

We're frequently featured in industry-leading publications and budget significant sums of money for paid and organic digital marketing campaigns. 

When you sign on to our agent programme, you will reap the benefits of these campaigns. You’ll see a steady stream of web traffic from the find an agent page of our website, and most of our agents also find that the quality of direct enquiries improves significantly once they've associated themselves with the Avon Tuning brand.

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How Do I Become An AT-Authorised Agricultural Tuning Agent?

We're always open to hearing from independent engineers, workshops and multi-location dealerships that want to start offering agricultural remapping processes, but we have a hard-won reputation for providing one of the most reliable branded tuning services available on today’s market.

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To ensure our standards are upheld, we use a short vetting process to qualify new agents – looking at your knowledge and experience, kit and general competence to ensure that you’re a good fit for the agent programme – and guarantee that everyone in our network of authorised agricultural remapping specialists has the capability to deliver a credible remapping service.

This isn't designed to put you off: We'd encourage any engineers currently working on combines, tractors or heavy plant to apply, but we do want to be upfront about the fact that we won't work with engineers or organisations that aren’t capable of upholding our standards.

If you're interested in the opportunity to join our growing network and you want to talk to someone about becoming an AT authorised agricultural remapping agent, get in touch here. A member of the Avon Tuning team will be in touch to walk you through the qualification process and your next steps.

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