ECU Remapping For Tractors & Agricultural Machinery

Shrinking margins and an increasingly competitive market put a lot of pressure on the modern farmer: Pressure to maximise profits by improving the efficiency of your operations, and squeezing everything you can out of your agricultural equipment.

We offer a dedicated tractor remapping service that’s designed to help you do just that – boosting the power, torque and fuel efficiency of your machinery so that you:

  • Spend less time in the field
  • Waste less money on diesel
  • Get more done with your day
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Because we hand-programme remaps to account for the exact requirements of an individual vehicle, the exact gains will depend on the make, model and year of your tractor. However, most customers see a substantial increase in torque (NMM) and power (BHP), better fuel economy and more tractability.

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How Does Tractor Remapping Work?

Tractor remapping is a relatively involved practice, but the underlying concepts are simple. Irrespective of whether you’re driving a Massey Ferguson 6480, an NH T7 or a brand new Lamborghini Spire, your vehicle’s engine is managed by a palm-sized computer that controls everything from fuel injection to idle speeds.

Sometimes called the ECU (engine control unit) or ECM (engine control module) this tiny computer uses pre-programmed software called a ‘map’ to monitor and regulate your engine’s behaviour.

Stripe Image - Tractor Remapping

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of tractors roll out of the factory with a default map that imposes artificial limits on your vehicle’s power and torque. This is because most modern manufacturers need to be sure that their tractor will perform equally well in farming environments as diverse as the Texas Panhandle, sunny Central Europe and the subtropical rice terraces of Southern China.

That means coping equally well in freezing or arid conditions, persistent high humidity and baking hot temperatures.

But if you’re farming here in the UK and you take good care of your equipment, these limitations are probably wholly unnecessary.

Fortunately, your manufacturer’s default map can be replaced with software that’s been programmed to optimise the way your engine runs; allowing us to recover previously inaccessible reserves of power and torque.

We can also unlock more torque at the lower end of your rev range; allowing you to work at a lower RPM and decreasing overall fuel consumption. You’ll also be able to move up and down the field faster, and slow/turn your tractor in higher gears, improving overall drivability and significantly increasing the efficiency of both yard and field operations

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Is Tractor Remapping Safe?

We understand that agricultural equipment is a long-term investment. You need it to perform well in the field, but it’s equally important that your tractors are fully usable for the duration of their rated lifespan and don’t need to be replaced prematurely.

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Box Image 1 - Tractor Remapping

As such, we hand-programme remaps for every make and model in our database – taking great care to ensure that we’re not pushing your agricultural machinery beyond the OEM’s stated tolerances.

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We also test our maps on a best-in-class Dimsport dyno (PTO dynamometer) that’s designed for tractors and other agricultural vehicles, ensuring that every map performs according to our expectations.

Our remaps won’t have a negative impact on the reliability of your machinery, and we’re so confident in their quality that we offer a lifetime guarantee against software malfunctions. We’ll also back up your manufacturer’s original map on our servers so that you can restore it at any time.

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Fast, Effective & Cost Efficient Remapping Services

When we remap a tractor, the increase in performance and work efficiency is immediate. Customers have also reported improvements in fuel efficiency and we’re often told that remapping a tractor has made it more tractable with improved drivability.

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This is achieved by improving throttle response, increasing power and smoothing out torque curves.

Although all of our remaps are programmed by technicians working out of our 5,000 sq. ft tuning HQ in Tockington, South Gloucester, our tractor remapping services are fully mobile. We’ll drive out to your premises with our tractor dyno, plug our computers into your tractor’s ECU and write or transfer a map that’s designed to transform your vehicle’s performance.

Maps are often tweaked and optimised on site to ensure that you see the best possible performance gains, and we’ll validate the results with our Dimsport dyno to ensure that your tractor is performing to specification before leaving you to enjoy your upgraded machine.

A hassle-free process designed to help you unlock your equipments’ full potential.