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Here at Avon Tuning we understand that each acre covered is valuable time in the Agricultural industry and by Remapping your Tractor / Machinery your acre per hour is increased thus so is your productivity.

The demand for Tractor Tuning and Tractor Remapping, not only here in the South West of England but across the whole of the UK and Ireland, is at an all time high. Our dedicated team of in-house software engineers, specialising in the Agricultural industry, understand this demand which shows in the vast amount of Research and Development we in still into our Remaps using the latest PTO Dyno's on the market. From a John Deere, to a Class or a New Holland - we have you covered.

How does it work?

By carefully calibrating (Remap / Remapping) the software installed in the ECU (Engine Control Unit) which controls the Engine, the performance and efficiency is increased - Improved HP, More Torque and Increased efficiency. Aspects of the software which are modified vary from Fuel Injection, Duration and Quantity all the way through to fine Tuning of the Boost control settings. When making such tweaks to the software to achieve the better performance, the key element from ourselves is we only work within safe limitations of the Engine and do not put any additional strain on its components. 

Many of you Agricultural Machinery and Tractor owners will know the ever growing technique of Modular Manufacturing which is where a manufacturer will produce the same engine and components across a model range of Tractors but simply limit different models performance output via software. This saves millions of pounds on the production line and results in different price tags attached to the end product - albeit, each model being able to achieve the same HP and Torque. This makes extracting better performance even easier and safer for your unit.

Case Study

We attended one of our regular Tractor Tuning customers based in South Wales in order to perform a Remap on their 2017 New Holland T7.210. The request was as normal, the max safe performance that can be achieved. We got to work and the results speak for themselves;

Stock Unboosted: 168 hp and 1337 nm @ PTO
Stock Boosted: 196 hp and 1527 nm @ PTO
Stage 1 Unboosted: 209 hp and 1672 nm @ PTO
Stage 1 Boosted: 246 hp and 1915 nm @ PTO

Here's some popular units we see through the door and the Tuning results;


John Deere 6130R

Stock: 120 hp and 1010 nm @ PTO

Stage 1: 146 hp and 1198 nm @ PTO  


John Deere 6155R

Stock: 154 hp and 1444 nm @ PTO

Stage 1: 186 hp and 1725 nm @ PTO

Stage 2: 193 hp and 1789 nm @ PTO


John Deere 6215R

Stock: 217 hp and 1820 nm @ PTO

Stage 1: 249 hp and 2088 nm @ PTO


Case Puma 150

Stock: 155 hp and 1106 nm @ PTO

Stage 1: 196 hp and 1406 nm @ PTO


Massey Ferguson 7714

Stock: 145 hp and 1255 nm @ PTO

Stage 1: 175 hp and 1416 nm @ PTO


Claas Arion 630

Stock: 150 hp and 1321 nm

Stage 1: 195 hp and 1625 nm  


New Holland T6.175

Stock Unboosted: 131 hp and 1055 nm @ PTO

Stock Boosted: 151 hp and 1157 nm @ PTO

Stage 1 Unboosted: 164 hp and 1316 nm @ PTO

Stage 1 Boosted: 186 hp and 1400 nm @ PTO

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Find an agent

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